Using Site Search

If you are unhappy with your results, clicking "Search Again" at the top of the Results page will return you to the Search Page, remembering all your search terms and settings. This allows you to tweak a search for better results.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, try searching for less words. You can also try being more specific about the form of the word you are looking for (e.g, "Rachmaninov's" rather than "Rachmaninov").

No words under 3 letters long are indexed, are so are excluded from the search. Other common words such as "there" and "then" are also excluded.

Our search does not currently support boolean operators (NOT, AND and OR). By default, a result page must contain all the words you specify. You can modify this behaviour by changing "All Words" to "Any Words".

The Site Search is still under development. If you are unhappy with the results obtained, it would be helpful for you to Contact Us with your feedback to help us improve it.

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